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T5DE is an improved version of the t4de program. It has a clean interface and similar to the original imvu, it is also compatible with users who use t4de.

Important: Only users who use t4de or T5DE will be able to see you and use the same furniture and actions together.

Update v3: The client has been updated to the current version of IMVU 539.8. Fixed bugs that caused crashes in the game. Enabled two-factor authentication.

Video Preview

🛠 Features:

  • Use any AP/GA product without purchasing it
  • You are visible to t4de and T5DE users
  • Use imvu BM products without buying them
  • T4de codes are compatible with T5DE
  • Clean and safe interface

🛠 Características:

  • Usa cualquier producto AP/GA sin necesidad de comprarlo
  • Eres visible para los usuarios t4de y T5DE
  • Usa productos BM de imvu sin comprarlos
  • Códigos de t4de son compatibles con T5DE
  • Interfaz limpia y segura

#Free Codes / Códigos Gratis T5DE: